Concerts in front of the windows of the city
Orgel-Truck visits retirement homes and apartment blocks

The Martinů holidays realize the "concerts in front of the windows of the city". With an organ mounted on a vintage truck, organist, harpsichordist and pianist Nenad Leonart visits the audience at home: the listeners can listen to him from balconies and windows. Nenad Leonart wants to play especially for old people and visit as many retirement homes and similar institutions as possible.

Start: 4 May until at least 15 May 2020, open end

"Beyond the sound" is Nenad's motto - and so these miniature concerts are more than just beautiful tones, especially when he plays for people who are particularly affected by distance. Beyond the musical event, these extraordinary concerts become a gesture of humanity and solidarity.
"Martinů has composed a very touching organ passage in his work "The Mountain of Three Lights", where out of the darkness suddenly the light appears. I begin my concerts with this homage, then I play popular works from the organ repertoire. Simply a beautiful bouquet of music, which should give the listeners joy and a little bit of variety". Nenad Leonart
The idea goes back to the American star organist Cameron Carpenter, with whom Christian Reichart (dramaturge of Martinů Festtage) developed the idea and recently initiated "concerts in front of the windows" in Berlin. In 2021 Cameron Carpenter will be a guest at the Martinů Festtage in Basel.