5th Internationale Musikfesttage B. MartinŮ 1999

20th October – 28th November

Artistic Director: Robert Kolinsky
Patronat: Josef Suk
Artistic Advisor: Vladimir Ashkenazy

Opening Concert

Janos Starker/Cello and Shigeo Neriki/Piano

Wednesday, 20th October, 8:15pm, Musikakademie der Stadt Basel, Grosser Saal

Zoltán Kodály: Sonata for violoncello and piano op. 4
Bohuslav Martinů: Sonata No.2 for violoncello and piano
Johannes Brahms: Sonata for violoncello and piano in e minor, op. 38


"Out of Exile" – "The Three Wishes"

Sunday, 31st October, 3:30 pm, Stadtkino Basel 

Dr. Jakob Knaus, music editor of Radio DRS 2, presents: 

"Out of Exile" - Portait of the composer Bohuslav Martinu (Dokumentary film 1998)
Written by Ales Brezina
Directed by Jirí Nekvasil

"The Three Wishes" filmlet (1971) from the correspondent opera film
Directed by Evald Schorm


Zuzana Ruzícková/harpsichord

Sunday, 7th November, 5:00pm, Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel

Peter Mieg: Pour le clavecin
Igor Stravinsky: „5 Fingers“, eight easy pieces on 5 notes
Viktor Kalabis: Aquarelle for harpsichord, Op. 53
Viktor Kalabis: Preludio. Aria e Toccata per clavicembalo, op. 75 „L’casi di Sisyphos“
Jan Rychlík: Hommaggi Glavicembalistici
Béla Bartók: Three bulgaric Dances
Bohuslav Martinů: Deux pieces de clavecin
Bohuslav Martinů: Deux Impromptus pour clavecin
Bohuslav Martinů: Sonate pour clavecin


The harpsichord in the 20th century

Monday, 8th November, 7:00pm, Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel, Kleiner Saal

Presentation by Prof. Zuzana Ruzícková


"Land und Musik" – "Les larmes du couteau" 

Sunday, 14th November, 3:30pm, Stadtkino Basel

Dr. Jakob Knaus, music editor of Radio DRS 2, presents: 

"Bohuslav Martinů. Land und Musik" (Bohuslav Martinů. Land and Music) Documentary film (1967-1968) 
Directed by Werner Koller

"Les larmes du couteau" (The Tears of the Knife) 
Opera by Bohuslav Martinů, TV-production of the Czech Television 1998 
Directed by Jirí Nekvasil


"Swiss Martinů mission"

Friday, 19th November, 7:00pm, Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel, Studio 2

20 years after the "Swiss Martinů mission" – the controversial transfer of the body Bohuslav Martinůs from Frenkendorf to Policka 1979

30 years of the Martinů-Stiftung Basel – Dr. Jakob Knaus talks to witnesses and executors of the "Swiss Martinů mission" about their work in 1979 and their history.

Closing Concert

Josef Suk/Violin

Sunday, 28th November, 5:00pm, Stadtcasino Basel, Hans Huber-Saal 

Mirjam Tschopp/Viola, David Riniker/Violoncello and Robert Kolinsky/piano

Josef Suk: Quartet for piano, violin, viola and cello in a minor, op. 1
Bohuslav Martinů: Duo for violin and cello No. 1
Bohuslav Martinů: Intermezzo – four pieces for violin and piano
Antonín Dvořák: Piano quartet in E flat major, op. 87

(This concert was recorded for the Swiss Radio DRS 2 and aired on Saturday, 15th January 2000 at 7:00pm)

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